“We were extremely happy with our training sessions with Youngblood Harris. He got right to work and understood our cattledog’s temperament immediately. He also communicated clearly the techniques for walking with our dog in busy San Francisco streets as well as how to improve her behavior with strangers. We met with him on three separate occasions about two weeks apart. Each time he suggested meeting places which were convenient for us and at times that worked with our schedules. Always arrived promptly and never pushed us into signing up for more training sessions. He helped us understand our dog and what we can reasonably expect of her. Definitely earned a 5-star rating from us!”

“Youngblood Harris is the first dog trainer we talked to after we bringing Chloe home. His practical knowledge helped us with the basic components of living with a dog. Every first time dog owner should have a “new dog” coach. Youngblood is also helping us build a stronger relationship with our dog by incorporating a stronger play drive into our training. A veteran of the ring sports, Youngblood is very well-respected.”

“I came to Youngblood with a troubled puppy that barked and snapped at people. The dog is pretty young, so we were concerned with his aggression. Youngblood helped us tremendously, to show us that he wasn’t lashing out because of an intent to hurt, but that he is actually a scared little pup that has probably been placed in situations where this response worked for him. We’ve since been able to work on socialization with our pup and learned how to create an environment that will minimize his bad outbursts. I would highly recommend Youngblood to anyone with a dog that exhibits some form of aggression. He immediately knew how to diffuse a situation for our dog and continued to give us helpful advice for new situations that
we encountered.”
— MIS. C

“We adopted two large American Bulldogs about a year and a half ago. Soon after, behavioral problems started appearing. After working with their trainers, the problems still existed. The last trainer told us he couldn’t help us,and suggested that we call Youngblood. We were feeling that we may have to give up the large male. This was devastating to us, as the dogs were now our family. After the first session with Youngblood, we saw immediate improvement in the way we handled the dogs. We know that without Youngblood we would not have our dogs. He is a natural with animals and we have learned so much working with him. Not only are we better at working with the dogs, we also understand their behavior. Thank you Youngblood!!!!”

“I just finished my first session with Youngblood, and felt I needed to tell people how good he is. I have a little German Shepherd mix, that I adopted about four months ago. She was great for awhile, then as she got more comfortable, her semi-dog aggression morphed into full-on bicycle, skateboard, all dogs – aggression. Anyway, needless to say, I felt at the “end of my rope” a bit, and a good friend referred me to Youngblood. I called him yesterday, feeling fairly stressed out, and like a “bad owner”, etc. He called me back in two hours, on a Saturday of a holiday weekend, and scheduled our first meeting for today. He was on time, calm, clear in his directions with the pup and myself. His price was good, for a one hour one-on-one session. I left there feeling a lot better.I’ve trained with a few other people over the years, with different dogs, and I’d say he was the most straightforward, and competent. He answered any question I had. And, like the other reviewers said, you could tell he is good at reading the dogs mood/intentions, as well as showing you good, positive, controlled ways to teach the dog how you want them to act….”