Obedience Training - Youngblood HarrisObedience training for all ages, sizes and skill level. Whether you have an overly rambunctious puppy, an 8 year old senior rescue or training for competitive dog sports. All dogs can benefit from some level of obedience training.

The basics will cover, walking nicely on leash, not jumping up on people, sitting quietly at a café, coming when called, sits, downs, staying. Also includes indoor manners such as, taking food from counters, not rushing out the door, not chasing cats etc. These sessions will last for about an hour and will be done at your home, neighborhood or local park.

Advanced obedience sessions are catered to owners who already have the basics down and want to learn more, handlers preparing for their Canine Good Citizen Test and handlers who are active or interested in becoming active in dog sports. Topics covered are, formal heeling under distraction, formal retrieve, stays under distraction, sits and downs at a distance, stand for examination, focus exercises, targeting exercises and more.

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