Aggressive Dog Training - Youngblood HarrisAggression problems in dogs can be the most concerning and problematic issue that an owner can face. Compounding the problem is the never ending opinions on what is causing the aggression and how to properly deal with them. In my 25 years of training dogs professionally the most common underlying cause of aggression in dogs is inappropriately perceiving a threat and acting excessively defensive.  The key to resolving most aggression issues is minimizing the dogs stress level and creating consequences to both desirable and undesirable behaviors. In these training sessions we will cover, why your dog is showing aggressive behaviors, handling techniques that will help the dog feel more at ease and be less prone to show aggressive displays. And what to do and what not to do when your dog is being aggressive. The good news is the majority of dog aggression issues can be resolved and fairly quickly. After the first session I can let you know how serious the aggression really is and what your expectation should be in resolving the aggression issues.

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