I have been involved with the caring for and training of dogs, for as long as I can  remember. I was always surrounded by dogs throughout my life, whether it be my own dogs or a stray I would tend to, I formed an ongoing respect and affinity for dogs that remains with me today.

My formal knowledge of dog training began shortly after acquiring a job at the SF SPCA in 1995. There I met Ivan Balabanov, one of  the most accomplished dog trainers in the United States. I apprenticed with Ivan for 4 years and worked closely with him in evaluating and training the dogs at the SPCA and also assisting him with training at his Schutzhund dog training club. The time  I spent working with Ivan proved to be invaluable. He stressed being clear, concise and fair when training. And the importance of understanding, fully, the science of learning and how it pertains to dog training. Not just knowing the how, but the why.

Since 1999 I have taken that knowledge and personal experience to help thousands of clients build stronger bonds with their four legged companions, overcome behavior problems and and be more reliable and trust worthy in social settings.